EU:CD Fellowship

EU CyberNet in coordination with EU Cyber Direct launched the EU:CD Fellowship for junior and mid-level experts from partner countries in 2024.

Strengthening the global cyber diplomacy engagement and debate is one of the key factors contributing towards the global implementation of the UN framework for responsible state behaviour. But with a rapidly expanding range of international issues on cyber diplomacy agenda, it is important to ensure that all stakeholders have access to the relevant knowledge and background of these processes as well as skills to meaningfully engage in those conversations. To support that goal, the EU Cyber Diplomacy Initiative – EU CyberNet in coordination with EU Cyber Direct launched the EU:CD Fellowship for junior and mid-level experts from partner countries.


EU:CD Fellowship supports partner countries and non-governmental stakeholders in engaging in international cyber diplomacy debates by addressing development of skills and knowledge at the individual level.

The Fellowship pays particular attention to knowledge transfer among the fellows for building relationships and strengthen North-South and South-South cooperation:

  • The UN framework for responsible state behaviour;
  • Regional and multilateral approaches to counter cybercrime;
  • International frameworks for strengthening cyber resilience;
  • International digital cooperation, including standardisation and data governance;
  • Global governance of emerging disruptive technologies.

By the end of the EU:CD Fellowship, the fellows are able to:

  • Identify and discuss key policy dilemmas across various cyber, digital and tech issues;
  • Identify and engage with stakeholders at national, regional and international level;
  • Shape domestic policies in the domains covered during the Programme;
  • Contribute to strengthening national and/or regional perspectives on cyber and digital issues, including through official submissions to international organisations, written opinion pieces or presentations during workshops;
  • Transmit the acquired knowledge to other members of the national ecosystem or a stakeholder group.

EU:CD Fellowship Programme

The EU:CD Fellowship Programme bases on four main pillars:

  • Knowledge building: fellows are participating in online sessions related to the main themes of the programme. In particular, fellows will have a unique opportunity to interact with senior officials from the EU and member states.
  • Skills enhancement: fellows will have the opportunity to strengthen their competencies in policy analysis, negotiation, public speaking and writing through a series of workshops and lectures delivered by leading experts and academics in the field.
  • Representation broadening: selected fellows will obtain support to prepare and participate in a session of the OEWG (New York), a session of the AHC on cybercrime (Vienna) as well as another major international cyber-related events in Europe.
  • Mentorship: each fellow will have an opportunity to benefit from mentorship by a senior government official or expert collaborating with the EU Cyber Diplomacy Initiative.

2024 EU:CD Fellows

EU:CD Fellowship fellows’ testimonials

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