EU CyberNet technical platform brings together the Expert Pool and the Stakeholder Community


One of the main objectives of EU CyberNet is to establish a network of cybersecurity experts and institutions that covers the full range of needs for the European Union’s external capacity building. Over the coming years the project is to inter-connect them through a platform whereby Member States’ cybersecurity authorities, as well as academic institutions, think tanks and NGOs can participate in and contribute to the EU’s overall effort with expertise and lessons learned.

Further to bringing together the community, the platform is also to provide resources for knowledge sharing, help achieve an overview of EU’s cyber capacity efforts, function as a depository of EU’s lessons learned and support information exchange and coordination on cyber capacity building between relevant organisations within the EU and partners around the world.

This is how CynAct was born.

What is CynAct?

Launched in March 2021, CynAct is available to bring together the EU CyberNet Expert Pool and the Stakeholder Community to help EU achieve those objectives.

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CynAct acts as a platform where information, experiences and knowledge can be exchanged through Calls for Action (CFAs) in the benefit of cyber capacity building in partner countries. A tailormade cybersecurity skillsets’ classification, currently listing 43 skillsets defined and combined by 353 keywords, allows every network member to identify their particular area of cybersecurity expertise when registering. The classification will be updated annually to reflect on the constant developments in cybersecurity.

The main functionalities in CynAct at the moment are:

  1. Calls for Action published by the stakeholders for various cybersecurity advisory missions, meetings, trainings, conferences, peer-reviews, etc.
  2. Unique classification of cybersecurity skills to best match experts to the calls for action by stakeholders.
  3. Update expert or stakeholder profiles.

The first version of CynAct includes limited functions, but we are working on developing the platform and creating more features for your benefit – simple and user friendly dashboard, workflow automation, improved communication, interactive maps and calendar, additional access methods, depository of training materials, knowledge base, etc. New functionalities will be made available to the network members on an agile basis.

What is Call for Action (CFA)?

Both EU CyberNet and members of the Stakeholder Community can publish CFAs – invitations to contribute to trainings, advising and consulting missions, peer-reviews, conferences, seminars, etc. Expert Pool members can show interest in a CFA and may be selected by the publisher as the successful candidate. When responding to a CFA, the expert’s profile data will only be shared with the Stakeholder POC who has published the call.

Platform benefits

Connected network

The core of the EU CyberNet platform CynAct are the cybersecurity experts, covering the full range of needs from the EU, who can share their valuable know-how with the EU CyberNet Stakeholder Community, and vice versa. Our members of the network are amongst the first to hear about new actions, research, international exercises, cybersecurity conferences and meetings.

Home for cybersecurity Calls for Action

All members of the network can see active Calls for Action. The platform is designed in a way where experts see their best matching calls based on their personal skillset. Stakeholder Community members can publish Calls for Action – trainings, advising and consulting missions, calls to take part of activates, peer-reviews, conferences, seminars, etc., and receive expert applications and profile.

Up-to-date personal or organisation profile

One of the key aspects for being an active member in cybersecurity network is an updated profile to learn first-hand about our community activities, events and Calls for Action.

Access to CynAct

Access to CynAct is only available for registered experts and stakeholder Points of Contact (POC) to achieve the network’s overall aim of an experts-only community of trust that can support the various cyber capacity building needs of the stakeholders. Registered experts and stakeholders can access the platform through the login portal in the up right corner of the website.

If you are not a member of the network yet, join us on our website:

Our team will get back to you and send you a feedback about your application.