Expert Pool

We pool and share EU's cyber security expertise

Who they are

Cybersecurity experts are the core of EU CyberNet and instrumental to the objective of building and promoting the model of an open, free, secure and stable cyberspace, based on the vision and values of the EU.

They are a group of people who are ready to share their experiences, to contribute to capacity building initiatives and to provide their expertise to EU’s efforts in the partner countries. This also provides for a better use of the valuable human resource and know-how that forms a critical building block of the Union’s daily cyber security.

Member benefits

You are the first in line

As a member of the EU CyberNet pool of experts you will be positioned ahead of the curve of cybersecurity developments, to identify unique subjects to research, issues to solve, or business to develop. The insights promoted by contributing experts shape the development of the European Union policies in the field of cybersecurity and help making cyberspace more secure. The participation in the network and its activities is voluntary.

New professional relationships

Participation in EU CyberNet enables you to establish new professional relationships across the EU and beyond, brings alternation and enrichment to everyday professional life. It provides an opportunity to be part of wider capacity building efforts, to travel abroad and contribute to unique training assignments or advising missions, with personal learning benefits.

Regular conferences and meetings

To foster mutual trust between active experts, EU CyberNet aims at building a trustworthy community both online and offline and offers its members an international platform to interact at conferences, workshops, training events and other EU CyberNet meetings.

It's now vital part of my days and my nights. I'm happy to learn more and share my own experience and feelings with other experts!
Toomas Mölder

Expert, Estonian Information System Authority

If there is a problem, there is a chance that someone has already cracked it or is working on cracking it. We do not need to face cyber challenges alone. CyberNet has a bunch of experts who can help.
Tõnu Tammer

Executive Director of CERT-EE, Estonian Information System Authority

Show interest as an expert

We are currently looking for experts in the areas of cybersecurity, cyber diplomacy and countering cybercrime primarily from the EU Member States. Showing interest as an expert does not automatically mean joining the Expert Pool. The project team will verify the request and send a separate link to suitable experts to define their expertise.

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