Project Deliverables

Launched in 2019, EU CyberNet is set to achieve four major deliverables over a period of six years: building a network of cybersecurity experts and stakeholders, developing a technical platform, providing training and assistance and becoming a knowledge hub of EU's external cyber engagements.


The EU-wide pool of at least 500 cybersecurity experts and a community of at least 150 stakeholders is to cover the full range of needs for the EU’s external capacity building. The Expert Pool allows finding the right people for short term advising or training, and matching the needs from the Stakeholder Community and Global Partners.

Technical Platform

An online forum for connecting the Expert Pool, the Stakeholder Community and the Global Partners by bringing together the EU cybersecurity expertise from the European and international stakeholders, exchanging information about events, policies or research, looking for partners for collaboration or advertising calls of interest.

Technical Training and Assistance Facility

A cybersecurity train-the-trainers curricula and relevant training modules for providing assistance as requested by members of the Stakeholder Community or as based on the project’s work plan. The Facility aims at increasing the understanding of cybersecurity, raising awareness and improving partners capacities in various skillsets.

Knowledge Hub for the EU’s External Cyber Engagement

Provision of strategic, technical, operational and policy support in cybersecurity to the EU institutions, bodies, offices and agencies, as well as coordination and assessment of the partners’ needs. This deliverable also entails providing ad hoc advice on issues related to cybersecurity and capacity building, supporting relevant EU initiatives as well as other EU funded projects.


EU CyberNet marshals the top minds of the cybersecurity community within the European Union to fortify the security of our digital space.

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Our team brings together a unique set of skills and years of experience with making the global cyberspace more secure.

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