Project Deliverables

Launched in 2019, EU CyberNet is set to achieve four major deliverables over a period of six years: building a network of cybersecurity experts and stakeholders, developing a technical platform, providing training and assistance and becoming a knowledge hub of EU's external cyber engagements.

Community Building

Build robust communities of experts, stakeholders and projects to address the entirety of the EU’s external cyber capacity building requests. The Expert Pool facilitates the identification of top-tier cyber experts globally, enabling them to undertake short-term consultancy assignments tailored to the needs of the EU services as well as the Stakeholder Community and the Cyber Project Community. These communities foster synergies and coherence across various initiatives under the leadership of the EU CyberNet.  

Expertise and training services

Provide cyber capacity building expertise and training service for the EU and other partners through different curricula and relevant training modules requested by the European Commission, EU Delegations, partner countries, etc. The services aim at increasing the understanding of cybersecurity, raising awareness and improving partners capacities, as well as providing ad hoc advice on issues related to cybersecurity and capacity building, supporting relevant EU initiatives as well as other EU funded projects. 

Knowledge Hub

Facilitate knowledge exchange, coordination, and capacity development among stakeholders involved in external cyber capacity building initiatives. The platform aims to enhance collaboration, streamline efforts, and improve the effectiveness of external cyber capacity building activities by offering a comprehensive repository of information via the Project Mapping Tool on past and ongoing projects funded by the EU and EU Member States. Additionally, it provides practical advice and resources through the Operational Guidance to facilitate the implementation of such initiatives. Ultimately, it includes a variety of training materials and resources aimed at supporting both national and international cyber capacity building efforts. 


Operate the regional Latin America and Caribbean Cyber Competence Centre LAC4 to facilitate practical cybersecurity and cybercrime collaboration between the LAC region and the EU. t. Through a physical training centre in Santo Domingo and four virtual subregional hubs across the region, LAC4 promotes cooperation among national and international stakeholders to maximise resources, strengthen resilience and improve cross-border interoperability to support digital transformation and counter cyber threats.  


EU CyberNet marshals the top minds of the cybersecurity community within the European Union to fortify the security of our digital space.

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Our team brings together a unique set of skills and years of experience with making the global cyberspace more secure.

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