Our team brings together a unique set of skills and years of experience with making the global cyberspace more secure.

Project team

Liina Areng

Director of the Project

Lauri Aasmann

Training and Services Lead

Silja-Madli Ossip

Community Lead

César Moliné Rodríguez

LAC4 Policy Expert

Merili Soosalu

LAC Regional Programme Lead

Cecilia Popa

Experts Lead

Maria Pihlak

Maria Pihlak

Communication Lead

Adria Méndez

LAC4 Office Manager

Kristiina Ramat

Office Manager


Chief Happiness Officer

Implemented by

Estonian Information System Authority

Estonian Information System Authority (RIA) leads the development of national IT systems and ensures national cybersecurity in cooperation with its partners. RIA is committed to ensuring the smooth and sustainable operation of a secure e-state. It manages and protects the state Internet network and ensures secure e-elections, aiming for a sustainable digital identity of Estonia and its wide use around the world.

Managed by RIA, the State Portal delivers citizens important information regarding the state. The reliability and development of the digital state depend on us. We increase confidence in the state and its services.

Advisory Board

The EU CyberNet is implemented in cooperation with the Advisory Board partners – the Federal Foreign Office of Germany and the Cybersecurity Competence Centre of Luxembourg. The board provides strategic oversight, reviews progress and consults on future plans.

Federal Foreign Office

Cybersecurity Competence Center