Stakeholder Community Day 2023

On 18 October, EU CyberNet held the annual Stakeholder Community Day in Brussels, Belgium. Representatives form 21 different institutions came together to share new important insights into ongoing EU’s and Member States’ external actions and plans.

The annual Stakeholder Community Day gathers EU CyberNet community members and focuses on the practical aspects and lessons learned of external cyber capacity building (CCB). This year’s recurring motto “let’s act as one and deliver impactful results” was highlighted by many of the speakers.

The opening remarks were given by:

  • Peter M. WAGNER, Foreign Policy Instrument Director / Head of Service
  • José Carlos DELGADO GOMEZ, Chair of the Horizontal Working Party on Cyber Issues, Spanish EU Presidency
  • Stephan KLEMENT, Head of Division on Hybrid Threats and Cyber, EEAS

In the first part of the day, we had two regional discussions – one on the Eastern Neighbourhood and the other on the Latin America and Caribbean region. The discussions gave the participants the chance to learn about the two regions’ strategic and practical cyber capacity building landscapes and different community members’ updates on their engagements. 

EU CyberNet was happy to introduce the cyber capacity building projects mapping 2.0, which was recently developed and provides better functionalities and user experience. Check out the new version of the projects mapping here.

The second part of the day dived into the topic of delivering cyber capacity building activities in crisis situations, where the audience had the chance to discuss in groups and afterwards listen to experts giving real life examples and sharing experiences in a panel.

Finally, the second edition of the Operational Guidance on the EU’s International Cooperation on Cyber Capacity Building was introduced by the authors Nayia Barmpaliou and Patryk Pawlak, who also showed practical examples on how to use the document.

All together, EU CyberNet sees great value in coming together with all the stakeholders as a community once a year and share insights and plans.

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By EU CyberNet team