EU CyberNet organised missions in 2022

In 2022, EU CyberNet took action around the world and delivered an incredible amount of missions throughout the year. 

Considering the past few years, 2022 was a great return for all the in-person conferences, events, meetings and training. EU CyberNet team took action around the world and delivered an incredible amount of missions throughout the year.

Here is a brief overview of all the most important actions which we organised or were involved in with the contribution of EU CyberNet experts and partners.

January 2022

  • Caribbean regional seminar “Designing and Executing Cybersecurity Exercises”, 📍Dominican Republic

March 2022

  • Cyber awareness seminars in Uruguay, 📍Uruguay

April 2022

  • Cyber crisis management training for the Caribbean, 📍online
  • Cyber Capacity Building course for EU delegations in Istanbul, 📍Turkye

May 2022

  • Infosec training in the Dominican Republic, 📍Dominican Republic
  • NCS implementation seminar, 📍Dominican Republic
  • Analysis of the alignment of Georgian Information Security Law to EU NIS directive, 📍online
  • LAC4 Inauguration Conference, 📍Dominican Republic
  • Cybersecurity awareness seminar for diplomats in Dominican Republic, 📍Dominican Republic
  • Cyber crisis management legal seminar for the Caribbean, 📍online

July 2022

  • Nation-wide cybersecurity risk assessment seminar in the Dominican Republic, 📍Dominican Republic

August 2022

  • Infosec training for the Andean region in Ecuador, 📍Ecuador

September 2022

  • GFCE WG-E and concept paper on cybersecurity standards, 📍Netherland / online
  • Cyber Capacity Building course for EU delegations in Nairobi, 📍Kenya
  • Seminar on Secure and Sustainable Digital Transformation in Uruguay, 📍Uruguay
  • Cybersecurity TTX in Guyana, 📍Guyana
  • Crisis communications management seminar at the OAS Symposium, 📍online

October 2022

  • Cyber Security Awareness Seminar for Commission Services and EEAS, 📍Belgium
  • Operational Guidance Reference Group validation meeting in Brussels, 📍Belgium
  • Workshop on IT vulnerability assessments in Uruguay, 📍Uruguay
  • Cyberdiplomacy course in Ecuador, 📍Ecuador
  • LACNIC 38 meeting in Bolivia, 📍Bolivia
  • Digital forensics seminar in Uruguay, 📍Uruguay

November 2022

  • OSINT and threat intelligence workshop for Southern Cone countries, 📍online
  • CyberWeek @LAC4 – Cyber Crisis Communication Workshop, 📍Dominican Republic
  • CyberWeek @LAC4 – Technical colloquium by FIRST and LAC4, 📍Dominican Republic
  • CyberWeek @LAC4 – Caribbean cybersecurity table-top exercise “CyberCrabs”, 📍Dominican Republic
  • GLACY+ Americas Regional Forum & Women in Cyber Conference in Costa Rica, 📍Costa Rica
  • LAC Digital Transformation Dialogue and Ministerial Conference on Information Security in Uruguay, 📍Uruguay
  • Cyber Capacity Building course for EU delegations in Santo Domingo, 📍Dominican Republic
  • Assessment of the Georgian draft technical regulation, 📍online
  • 4th International Congress on Information Security in Bolivia, 📍Bolivia

December 2022

  • Online seminar for Malaysian National Cyber Security Agency, 📍Malaysian

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Community building through EU CyberNet

EU CyberNet’s mandate is to gather various communities within the European Union – experts, projects and stakeholders to boost collaboration and coherence. Various coordination and community-building events were organised for different communities during 2022.

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EU CyberNet Club events in 2022

EU CyberNet conducted twelve Club events for our community members in 2022, covering a wide range of topics – from disinformation to artificial intelligence. The Club events take place every month and provide the opportunity for our experts and stakeholders to learn from and discuss with other members of the community.

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EU CyberNet in numbers

By the end of 2022 EU CyberNet has 275 members in the Expert Pool and 61 members in the Stakeholder Community.

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Mapping of the external Cyber Capacity Building projects funded by the EU

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Cyber Project Community Meeting

On 11 February our Cyber Project Community held its 4th meeting. Organised in cooperation with the Commission’s Service for Foreign Policy Instruments and the European External Action Service, the Community brings together implementers of the EU-funded actions to improve coordination and is also open to EU officials.

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