EU External Cyber Capacity Building course for the Sub-Saharan Africa

Regional cybersecurity landscape and cybercrime in Africa

  • By Lauri Aasmann, Training and Services Lead, EU CyberNet

On 20-22 September 2022, building on the success and experience from the previous trainings, the EU CyberNet conducted another region-specific EU External Cyber Capacity Building course, this time for the Sub-Saharan Africa. During the 3-day training in Nairobi, Kenya, participants from EU delegations in 16 African countries improved their understanding of cyber concepts and learned operational methods, tools and approaches to design and implement CCB programming. The course was opened by Ms Henriette Geiger, EU Ambassador to Kenya and Ms Natalie Pauwels from the Stability and Peace – Global and Transregional Threats Unit in FPI.

The course resulted in practical knowledge for EU practitioners in addressing programming and implementation issues on how to cooperate with partner countries and support them in their efforts to strengthen their cyber resilience, their ability to address cybercrime and their capacity to engage in cyber diplomacy in a way that is coherent with EU values and policies. The participants learned about the regional cybersecurity landscape and cybercrime in Africa. At the end of each day the class put their new skills to test in solving practical case studies in the form of a group-work.

The course was conducted with the help of our good partners Dr Patryk Pawlak, Ms Nayia Barmpaliou and Mr Neil Walsh. The series of this EU CyberNet signature course will continue in November with a training for the Latin-America and the Caribbean.

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