EU CyberNet contributing to ITU Regional Cybersecurity Forum for Europe and CIS

On the 27-28 February, the ITU Regional Cybersecurity Forum for Europe and CIS regions took place in Sofia, Bulgaria.

On the 27-28 February, the ITU Regional Cybersecurity Forum for Europe and CIS regions took place in Sofia, Bulgaria. The event that brought together 150 individuals from 28 countries, focused on wide range of subjects, from priorities for governments and building national strategies to artificial intelligence, incident management, and international cooperation. EU CyberNet was invited to speak in panel dedicated to capacity building in cybersecurity. In addition to introducing EU CyberNet and its goals to the participants, the contribution focused on underlaying principles that guide the EU’s efforts in capacity building. Considering fast digitalisation that touches almost every aspect of our life, there is need for continuous learning to improve skills and raise awareness among all groups of society.

In their summary of the panel discussion the organisers concluded that building capacity in cybersecurity requires a multi-pronged approach, which is what the E.U. is striving towards. This approach includes providing technical assistance, incorporating international norms and legislation into capacity building structures, and the protection of rights and freedoms, among others. Indeed, the successful development of capacity building skills will require multi-stakeholder action as cybersecurity is a horizontal issue that affects everyone at every level of society.

Full outcome report can be found here: 


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