EU CyberNet Club events in 2022

EU CyberNet conducted twelve Club events for our community members in 2022, covering a wide range of topics – from disinformation to artificial intelligence. The Club events take place every month and provide the opportunity for our experts and stakeholders to learn from and discuss with other members of the community.

By the end of 2022, the EU CyberNet Club events have been taking place for over one and a half years. The topics that are discussed at the Club events are proposed and voted by the community members themselves and majority of the speakers come from the community too. Each Club event hosts usually two speakers and around 50 participants, totaling over 800 views of the event series.

In 2022, we also introduced a new format called the Club Special to look at incoming Council of the European Union Presidencies in every six months and bring the Brussels policy-making closer to our community. We hosted two events with both Presidencies of 2022 – the French and the Czech.

All the Club events and its topics are listed here:

Club #9 – Disinformation – 03.02.2022
Club Special #1 – French EU Presidency – 06.01.2022
Club #10 – IoT security – 03.03.2022
Club #11 – State Cloud Security – 07.04.2022
Club #12 – EU Digital Sovereignty – 05.05.2022
Club Special #2 – Czech EU Presidency – 02.06.2022
Club #13 – GDPR – 07.07.2022
Club #14 – Budapest Convention – 04.08.2022
Club #15 – Ransomware – 01.09.2022
Club #16 – Ethical hacking – 06.10.2022
Club #17 – Artificial Intelligence – 03.11.2022
Club #18 – Cyber crisis communication – 01.12.2022

Looking forward to 2023 with another 10 interesting cyber topics and two Presidencies to cover!

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