An online workshop on the EU Cybersecurity Strategy for the Digital Decade

On 5 February, EU CyberNet held an online workshop for project implementers in cooperation with the European Commission’s Service of Foreign Policy Instruments and the European External Action Service.

The event was driven by the new EU Cybersecurity Strategy that will guide the EU’s activities in the new Digital Decade, and was presented on 16 December 2020 by the European Commission and the High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy. The meeting was an opportunity to discuss with the project implementers what is new in the strategy and which are the main strategic initiatives, and the role of the EU-financed projects in promoting the objectives of the strategy.

The comprehensive strategy covers all the key components, from NIS 2.0 to IoT and strengthening the EU’s cyberdiplomacy activities, providing opportunities for EU funded projects to contribute to the coordination effort and amplifying EU’s messages. A separate section was dedicated to external cyber capacity building action, with emphasis on jump-start of the EU Cyber Capacity Building Board to facilitate cooperation and establish the External Cyber Capacity Building Agenda to help to guide the joint EU’s work.

The European External Action Service provided an update on the recent developments in the international arena regarding the developments in the UN 1st and 3rd Committee and related discussions in regional organisations.

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EU CyberNet work in Dominican Republic, first national cybersecurity exercise “Cyber llamas”

EU CyberNet participates in the first national cyber exercise of Dominican Republic “Cyber llamas” and our Advisory Group visits the site of future Latin America and the Caribbean Cyber Competence Centre in the framework of a feasibility study.

By Liina Areng, Regional Programme Lead, EU CyberNet
EU Member States welcome the implementation of EU CyberNet: Council Conclusions on EU’s Cybersecurity Strategy for the Digital Decade

The Council of the EU welcomes in its Conclusions the establishment and implementation of the EU CyberNet in order to increase cyber resilience and capacities worldwide. The Conclusions provide guidance to support partner countries in tackling the growing challenge of malicious cyber activities.

By EU CyberNet team
EU CyberNet part of the new EU Cybersecurity Strategy

On 16 December, the European Commission published the new EU’s Cybersecurity Strategy for the Digital Decade, which proposes guiding principles to enhance EU’s collective resilience against cyber threats, taking into account the recent developments in digital transformation.

By EU CyberNet team
Experts and organisations were invited to join EU CyberNet Network at the annual conference

On 30 October, the first EU CyberNet Annual Conference took place at Tallinn Creative Hub focussing on the cyber capacity building projects of the EU, the possibilities for more coordinated and effective delivery of development cooperation, and the role of EU CyberNet in these activities.

By EU CyberNet team
EU CyberNet’s first events in Brussels

EU CyberNet’s main goal is to bring together cyber security experts, policy officers and implementers so they could share knowledge, vision and experience in their fields. To kick-off our work we organised two get-togethers in Brussels in March.

By Kristo Põllu, Deputy Director, EU CyberNet
EU CyberNet contributing to ITU Regional Cybersecurity Forum for Europe and CIS

On the 27-28 February, the ITU Regional Cybersecurity Forum for Europe and CIS regions took place in Sofia, Bulgaria.

By Kristo Põllu, Deputy Director, EU CyberNet