TAIEX Workshop in preparation of the Cybersecurity Symposium: Bangladesh’s Path Forward

EU CyberNet in cooperation with the Technical Assistance and Information Exchange Instrument of the European Union (TAIEX) and the EU Delegation to Bangladesh is organising a workshop in preparation of the Cybersecurity Symposium: Bangladesh’ Path Forward.

The mission will encompass a preparatory meetings ahead of the Symposium to assist in shaping the agenda, and participating in the Symposium itself.

The 1.5-day symposium is a joint effort of the Ministry of Posts, Telecommunications and IT of Bangladesh and the EU Delegation to Bangladesh. The conference serves as a platform to discuss topics related to cybersecurity and cyber-resilience, identify challenges that Bangladesh faces in the prevention, preparedness and response of cybercrime and threats, and propose solutions and opportunities for enhanced cooperation informed by the EU’s digital and cyber paradigm. The expected outcome of the conference is to bring national legislation closer to relevant international standards and positively influence decision-making.

Bangladesh has embraced a comprehensive approach to digital transformation through the adoption of the country’s perspective plan “Smart Bangladesh 2041”. The Cybersecurity Strategy 2021-2025 of Bangladesh underscores the importance of fortified cybersecurity governance, enhanced organisational management and business operations, more effective incident management and cyber defence, and heightened awareness, education, and skills.