Cyber Crisis Management
Computer security incident response

Regional training on Cyber Crisis Management procedures and practices

Online seminar involving 8 Caribbean countries in a training covering theoretical aspects and practical examples on how to establish operational cyber crisis management procedures and develop national cyber emergency response plans

This training is part of a Cyber crisis management training series that started in January 2022 with in-person Cybersecurity exercises development and implementation training at LAC4 in Santo Domingo, and will guide the participating countries through several online engagements to preparing and executing a regional scenario-based Table-Top Exercise, envisaged to take place in the end of this year. The second element of this training cycle focuses on crisis management principles, primary actors, communication and coordination, situational awareness and escalation mechanisms in crisis management process. The participants will also get an overview supported with practical examples and case studies on how to develop and implement a national cyber emergency response plan, and the aspects of cross-border collaboration preparing and acting in cyber emergencies.