Executive Cybersecurity and Digital Society Seminar

Awareness raising seminars for executives on cybersecurity and digital society in Dominican Republic.

LAC4 Dominican Republic Santo Domingo

EU CyberNet organises in cooperation with the Ministerio de la Presidencia and the Centro Nacional de Ciberseguridad of Dominican Republic two Executive Cybersecurity and Digital Society seminars, that focus on digitalisation, technology and cybersecurity, highlighting current and future threats in cyberspace, hacking modus operandi and a live demo, cyber norms and regulations and national cybersecurity strategies. In addition to distinguished speakers from the Dominican Republic, the EU CyberNet has mobilised several cybersecurity experts from its team and through its Expert Pool from Italy and Estonia.

The seminars are the first of its kind EU CyberNet is providing, however, the concept will be available for delivery in other locations as well.

Two iterations of cybersecurity awareness raising seminars will be conducted in Santo Domingo, and dedicated to senior officials and policymakers, as well as executives from the private sector, journalists, think thanks and academia.

Events are by invitation only.