EU CyberNet Club event – Internet Governance

EU CyberNet Club event dedicated to Internet Governance issues.

In cooperation with our Stakeholder Community member ICANN, the fourth event of the EU CyberNet Club takes place on 5 August and is dedicated to issues related to Internet Governance.

The Club will gain an overview of the history of Internet Governance as it has evolved from a more technical issue at the end of the 1990s into a global policy question in the 2020. We will describe also the current challenges in Internet governance and recent threats involving the domain name ecosystem, the concept of technical Internet governance, and how this relates to ICANN org’s DNS security threat mitigation efforts.

EU CyberNet Club is open to our Expert Pool and Stakeholder Community members. The event series provides a forum where experts can learn from and discuss with other members of the EU CyberNet community on various issues that relate to cyber security, building a community of trust as well as enrich everyone’s professional skills and expertise. To become a member of Expert Pool, please show interest as an expert at

Previous Club events dealt with Secure Digital Identity, EU 5G Toolbox and National Security Standards.