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How to join our network as an expert? What to expect after joining? Read more to find out everything you need to know about EU CyberNet online platform CynAct.

What is the EU CyberNet online platform CynAct?

The EU CyberNet network connects the cybersecurity experts, the competent organisations and the EU’s ongoing and future efforts in cyber capacity building. We aim to improve coordination between all parties and thus achieve a better overview of the EU-wide expertise. This also means better use of the valuable human resources and know-how that forms a critical building block of the Union’s daily cybersecurity.

The core of our network is the online platform CynAct, through which experts in our community can join in for various cybersecurity missions, meetings, conferences and exercises.

Our platform was launched in March 2021. In the beginning, you will be able to use limited functions, but in the coming months we are working on developing the platform and creating more features for your benefit.

Participation in EU CyberNet enables experts to establish new professional relationships across the EU and beyond, bring alternation and enrichment to their everyday professional lives. It provides an opportunity to be part of wider capacity building efforts, to travel abroad and to contribute to unique training assignments or advising missions, with personal learning benefits.

Cybersecurity experts are the core of EU CyberNet and instrumental to the objective of building and promoting the model of an open, free, secure and stable cyberspace, based on the vision and values of the EU. Our network includes both the Expert Pool and the Stakeholder Community, including national cyber authorities, cybersecurity organisations, expert groups, think tanks and academic institutions from the EU Member States.

Read more about member benefits.

How to join the EU CyberNet Expert Pool?

Experts in our network are first in line to hear about new cybersecurity developments, new missions and related events.

See the video tutorial for using CynAct for experts:

Join the EU CyberNet Expert Pool:

  1. Fill out our Expert application form, which can be found from here. Our team will get back to you within 2 weeks and send you a feedback about your application.
  2. After our team has confirmed your application, we will send you a link to our full expert profile, where you can list your skillsets, availability and other important information essential for you to be an active member in our network.
  3. After we have reviewed and accepted your profile, you are ready to explore our EU CyberNet platform!

The EU CyberNet online platform

Connected to the network

The core for EU CyberNet platform are the cybersecurity experts, covering the full range of needs from the EU, who can share their valuable know-how with the EU CyberNet community. To become a member of the network, experts can fill out their professional profile, which helps to share their knowledge and expertise, as well as match them with specific needs.

You can find the Terms and Service here.

Home for cybersecurity actions

Experts in our network are amongst the firsts to hear about new actions, research, international security exercises, cybersecurity conferences and meetings. You will have an overview of all active calls for action on cybersecurity and can see, which missions are matching with your personal skillset. Both EU CyberNet itself or Stakeholder Community members can publish calls for action – trainings, advising and consulting missions, calls to take part of activates, peer-reviews, conferences, seminars, etc.  As a member, you can show interest to a mission and see, which missions you have completed. When you respond to a call for action, your profile data will be shared with stakeholder’s point of contact who has published the call.

When you respond to a call for action by EU CyberNet, we will contact you with feedback. If you respond to a call for action by a Stakeholder, they will contact you themselves.

Keep your cyber profile up-to-date

One of the key aspects for being an active member in cybersecurity network is an updated profile. Our platform makes it easy! You can view and update your profile and modify your availability (if and when you could join for cybersecurity missions).

You can decide to leave the network and ask your data to be deleted at any time.

What you need to know about expert profile

To join the network, experts must fill out their professional profile based on which they can share their knowledge and expertise. The profile includes 4 steps: contact information and previous professional work experience, cyber competences (skillset) and detailed keywords that characterise your knowledge, general skills, education and availability (to join the cyber missions).

  1. The profile form must be filled out all at once – please do not close the form before filling out all the fields. Closing the form will lose all your work.
  2. We protect your data. Your profile information is secured with us. You can find Privacy Policy here.
  3. EU CyberNet team will manually review all profiles to ensure the quality of the network.
  4. Notice about your profile published will be sent to you, when its ready.

Any questions?

If you have any questions about joining the platform, please don’t hesitate to contact us on or leave us a message through contact form.