Skill specification


TECH stands for technical cybersecurity expertise in issues that directly relate to information technology (IT) or computer information systems (CIS) that support business processes, in either mainstream (business IT) or special environments (from Industrial Control Systems to various types of devices).


STRAT stands for expertise in strategic and global issues where cyber security shapes the strategic context around and inside societies. STRAT experts can support e.g. with broader technology governance and cyber diplomacy issues as well as with hands-on policy, doctrine and capability development support.


OPS means operational issues, i.e. cybersecurity expertise that relates to achieving and maintaining cyber security and cyber resilience, including in the society-wide or whole-of-government context. OPS experts can provide practical advice on e.g. how to develop one’s cyber security capacity, techniques, structures and procedures.


LAW means law – but not only. It includes expertise on international and national law and legal frameworks – but also issues related to EU cyber policy and regulations, developing IT and cyber security standards, law enforcement and cyber crime etc. LAW experts’ support can include both policy and legal assessments.