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Who they are

EU CyberNet’s global partners are institutions from likeminded countries that share the values of the European Union – such as the development of a secure, stable and rules-based international order in cyberspace – and are open to engage with expert knowledge in joint projects.

Joint projects serve to amalgamate the expertise of the contributing countries and to share that knowledge as one team based on the same values. The practical benefits for everyone involved are that duplication is avoided, that the best use is made of limited resources and that specific knowledge and regional expertise are shared and mutually built on.

Member benefits

The opportunity to collaborate with EU experts

As the world’s largest economic power, the European Union collaborates with partners around the world. The EU’s diplomatic network of representations, headed by the European External Action Service covers more than 100 countries and international organisations. The aim of EU CyberNet is to engage at least 500 EU cyber-experts. Merging cybersecurity and international cooperation efforts, this means an opportunity to collaborate with a diverse group of cybersecurity experts in various parts of the world.

Building up a community

Cyberspace and cyber-security are indivisible and know no borders. Direct cooperation between experts from Europe and other like-minded countries enables best practices to be shared and fosters close partnerships.

Advancing global cyber-security

As a field, cyber-security is constantly evolving – no one country would ever be ‘cyber-ready’. EU CyberNet brings together experts and hones their skills so that they can contribute to a more cybersecure Europe and world in their everyday work. Cooperation with EU experts directly helps to achieve this in third countries.

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